Ordering Process

How do I check the status of my order?
Do you accept international orders?
Can I ship to an address other than my billing address?
Do you gift wrap?
If I order an out-of-stock item, when I can expect it?
Are any special modifications to your designs available?
What’s the procedure for ordering custom pieces and special orders?
How do I decide on a gift?

Caring for Designer Jewelry

How do I care for my new jewelry?
How do I get my favorite piece of jewelry repaired?

Buying Designer Jewelry

How can I be sure I’ll be happy with what I order?
Do your designers really do the designing?
I’ve seen similar designs elsewhere…


How do I check the status of my order?
We send the tracking number when your order is processed, and you can always send us an email if you need additional information.

Do you accept international orders?
Currently, we only ship to the United States and Canada. Please send us an email if you reside in another country, and we’ll certainly consider your international shipping request. Thank you.

Can I ship to an address other than my billing address?
Yes, but we may require further information or verification which is for your security.

Do you offer gift wrap?
Absolutely. There is nothing more exciting than opening a Tookey Buxton gift box, wrapped extra special.

If I order an item that is out of stock, when can I expect it?
Most of our products are one of a kind. However, when we design a piece that has universal appeal and also serves as a great complement to many of our unique pieces, we may produce multiple pieces. We’ll normally carry those items in stock; however, there are some select pieces which may be on re-order or require additional time. Should you order one of those out of stock items (ie. special order), you will be charged a 50% deposit.

We will make every effort to expedite your special order and to be realistic in our estimated delivery time. Please have patience, as your special order is being made especially for you and can generally take from two to six  weeks. Naturally, special orders are final sales, and if you don’t want to wait, you have the option to cancel within 24 hours.

Are any special modifications to your designs available (I need a longer length necklace … I prefer a different clasp … I’d like a mix between two bracelets, etc.)?
Yes. Through Tookey Buxton, you will be able to make a special request in the form of a note when you order. After your order is relayed to us, we will contact you if there is a small additional charge or additional ship time associated with your request. If we are not able to fulfill your request, you will have the option of canceling your order prior to it being charged.

What’s the procedure for ordering custom pieces and special orders?
Tookey Buxton specializes in unique and one-of-a-kind designer jewelry, and we’re happy to special order pieces on your behalf.

Special orders are outside the scope of regular designer production and, therefore, we will charge 50% of a special order’s retail price up front. The remaining balance will be charged upon your order’s shipment.

All special orders are final sales and may not be refunded or exchanged.

We are happy to answer any questions about special orders and alterations to existing stock (bracelet sizes, necklace lengths, etc.). Timing and pricing will vary by designer.

You have a lot of jewelry to choose from, I can’t decide on a gift. Can I purchase a gift card instead?
Yes! You can select a Tookey Buxton Gift Card in several denominations. It will arrive gift wrapped, and the recipient can redeem the card online or in store, where available.


How do I care for my new jewelry?
We make it easy. A small care sheet will be tucked in with each piece of jewelry shipped, as well as a general expectation of how the jewelry will change over time. You cannot expect every piece of jewelry, either from us or from another resource, to remain as bright and shiny as the day received (and in fact, many pieces look better over the years with a patina); however, we will share our experience and/or the designers’ recommendations for maintaining its beauty over the years. For detailed printable instructions on how to care for your jewelry, go here.

Help! I have a favorite piece of jewelry from Tookey Buxton that needs repair. What is your procedure?
Don’t panic. Jewelry can break the first time you wear it  or after many years. We stand behind our work and are happy to make repairs on purchased items sent in for repair; exceptions include jewelry which has been consumed by pets, garbage disposals, with lost parts or discontinued items (you get the drift). We’ll do our best to help.

When applicable, we will work with our designers to get your piece repaired or replaced, or get it repaired by one of our local experts. We will let you know in advance any repair charges associated with it, in addition to the shipping charge to get it back to you. Don’t forget to insure your jewelry when you send it, and please give us a heads up prior to shipping by sending us an email so we can be on the lookout.


I have never bought designer jewelry online: I see pieces I love in the magazines and on your site. How can I be sure I’ll be happy with what I order?
We do our best to accurately represent, via photos, copy and measurements, our jewelry. Our experience has been that the jewelry has exceeded our customers’ expectations, since even our best photographs do not reflect the colors and sparkle of the gemstones. However, should you want to return the item, you have 7 days from receipt and we will cheerfully refund your payment, minus any shipping charge.

Do your designers really do the designing, or are the lines you present ‘in name only?’ It seems like everything these days is labeled designer.’
In the rare cases where we offer items by other designers, you can rest assured that those designers are hands on and indeed design what they present in their collections. We personally meet all of our designers and become knowledgeable about their products, including the stones and materials the use.  Any designer chosen to appear on TookeyBuxton.com will be fully vetted to ensure they arise to our high standards.

Occasionally, I sometimes see similar designs elsewhere and wonder why I should pay more for your jewelry?
Our items are truly original in terms of creativity and craftsmanship. We take great care making — and many times, remaking — each item so that it exceeds your expectations and our high standards. Our original pieces are immediately recognizable as a “Tookey” by those who know our jewelry, and our goal is that the Tookey Buxton jewelry will be treasured for years to come.