Who Is Tookey?

Tookey Buxton

Lydia ‘Tookey’ Buxton


A worldwide traveler, lover of life, trend setter and beautiful spirit, the charming Tookey Buxton was my grandmother.

‘GrandmaTookey’ sparked my love for jewelry and timeless design. As a little girl, I fondly recall digging in her jewelry box for bold and sparkly treasures that she’d purchased near and far.

With an appreciation for unique adornments that enhance a mood, spark a reaction or evoke a memory, I have created several jewelry collections under the Tookey Buxton brand name to honor my grandmother’s love of all things unique.

All items are hand-made with Tookey in mind, at times combining the old (e.g. vintage beads and antique charms) with the new (e.g. modern style beads and contemporary findings) to create treasures that last generations. I personally search far and wide for new or vintage materials to incorporate into each design, creating truly inspired and unique items for your own private jewelry collection.

— Connie Hammond,
Designer, Curator and Granddaughter